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"An honest, engaging work of management wisdom."  - Kirkus Reviews


A Groundbreaking

Book by

Anil K. Singhal


The Core Principles

“I came to realize that if you could apply Lean decision-making as part of your core company principles, you may never have to engage in Mean practices.”

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The 5 Percent Rule

“A company can never be truly #LeanButNotMean unless it operates top to bottom, side to side, under the influence of The 5 Percent Rule.”

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The Philosophy

“#LeanButNotMean – which I had thought of only as a powerful tool for growth–is in fact much more. It is a way of seeing the world.”

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"The important thing to appreciate is that Lean But Not Mean approaches almost every challenge backwards to the standard view, yet it is always logical, and even more practical and fair than standard business practices. But I’ll admit, at first glance some of its precepts seem shocking."


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